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Matching the Hatch (eBook)

Matching the Hatch (eBook)

Price: $12.99

Author: Ernest G. Schwiebert, Jr.

Illustrator: Ernest G. Schwiebert, Jr.

Foreword: James Prosek

Publisher: Scott & Nix, Inc. (2011)


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Region by region, season by season, this update to the classic fly-fishing manual contains all of the information about the structure, appearance, and habits of the insects that signal the favorite feeding times of various fish. With commentary on dozens of mayflies, stone flies, and caddis flies as well as on crane flies, dragonflies, damsel flies, fish flies, backswimmers, and scuds, this is the ultimate resource for fly fishermen looking to understand the rivers to fish in various situations and how to identify the flies in their different stages. Along with this useful information, the guide is supplemented by large and detailed artwork of the insects as well as a review of the history of fly-fishing, thoughts on the ethics of angling, and anecdotes from the author’s fly-fishing experience.

“In my opinion, [Ernest Schwiebert] was the most important figure of the 20th century in the fly-fishing world.”

—Howell Raines, Pulitzer Prize–winner and former executive editor, New York Times

“Ernie Schwiebert, or simply Ernie, or ‘Ernesto’ as he was known to the fly-fishing fraternity, was a larger-than-life character who set his stamp on fly fishing forever.”

—John Randolph, editor, Fly Fisherman

“Few books in the entire history of fishing literature have constituted such a startling advance. Nymphs now seems to me to stand alone as the most accomplished solo writer-artist contribution to fly-fishing literature. With words and art, this book opened the eyes of the next two generations of fly fishers”

—Paul Schullery, author, American Fly Fishing: A History

“Just as nymphs and other aquatic macroinvertebrates are the ecological foundation of our trout streams, Schwiebert’s classic book is the foundation of any well-educated angler’s understanding of those waters. No other angling treatise provides as comprehensive a view of what occurs beneath the stream’s surface as his.”

—Charles Gauvin, President and CEO, Trout Unlimited

About the Author

Ernest G. Schwiebert Jr. was a founding member of Trout Unlimited, the Federation of Flyfishers, and Theodore Gordon Flyfishers and a regular contributor to Esquire, Field & Stream, Fly Fisherman, the New York Times, and Sports Afield. He was the illustrator and the author of Death of a Riverkeeper, Nymphs Volumes I and II, Remembrance of Rivers Past, and Trout.

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